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Best Kayak Spots in Palm Harbor, Florida

Best Kayak Spots in Palm Harbor, Florida

When you're ready to get on the water in Palm Harbor, Florida, you have a lot of options. From Lake Tarpon to the east to St. Joseph Sound on the west, the waters of Florida were built for folks who want to get an oar in the water.

Mobbly Bayou

If you like the great outdoors and feel like a hike before you get on the water, check out Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve, just east of Palm Harbor. There's an easy to access canoe launch and a dog park for your four-footed family members. You'll also find a playground for the kids and hiking trails for a variety of skillsets.

Bay City Outfitters can help you put together the right gear for a paddle out to Mobbly Bayou. In addition to paddling, we can help you find the right motor for a powered kayak that will make the trip safer and a bit easier.

Caladesi Island State Park

Plan your trip to Caladesi Island with care for the weather, as you can only get there by boat. However, once you're there you can enjoy a picnic lunch, a hike along a nature trail to Scharrer Homestead or a kayak trip through a mangrove forest. This is one of the best kayak spots for a day trip near Palm Harbor, so load up and paddle out!

When you've got your kayak on the water, you will feel more a part of it. Get your double-bladed paddle in the water and enjoy the feel of being supported by the surface tension. Kayaks, no matter the source of their power, are much easier to handle than other boats.

Anclote Gulf Park

Take your kayak a little north of Palm Harbor and enjoy a day at Anclote Gulf Park. This Natural Resource facility is a haven for birders, whether you're docked along the pier or hiking on the trail. In addition to picnic areas, you can enjoy a dog park and 23 acres of trails. You can also find a boardwalk that will connect you to Key Vista Park for even more natural beauty.

Get close to the shore and rest a bit while you pull out your binoculars. In your nimble kayak, you can float in close comfort to a variety of animals and birds that live along the shores of Anclote Gulf.

Honeymoon Island State Park

Just north of Caladesi, you'll find Honeymoon Island State Park. In addition to more than 4 miles of beach, you'll find some of the last virgin slash pine forests in the state of Florida. The place is loaded with birds, including great horned owls, great blue herons, snowy egrets, and oystercatchers.

While you're on Honeymoon Island, take your kayak out to Pelican Cove for one of the best kayak spots in all of Florida. Nestled between the sand spit at the nature trail among the slash pines, you'll see a wide variety of animals.

Again, your kayak is an easy to handle vessel that lets you sit directly on the water. No matter your skill level, your nimble boat can get you close to nature and help you fall in love with the wildlife of Florida.

Boca Ciega Millennium Park

Your time in Florida will also be enhanced with a focus on fauna. Boca Ciega Millennium Park is designated as the first Pinellas County Park that uses only native plants in the park landscaping.

There are several lakes and ponds within the park, but you'll want to get your kayak on Boca Ciega Bay. This body of water extends from Seminole in the north all the way south to Gulfport in the south. If you're ready for a good long paddle, start at Boca Ciega, bring your hat, sunscreen, and binoculars, and get paddling.

No matter your kayaking goals, you can find a boat that will work for you. When you're ready to invest in gear that will last you many seasons, contact Bay City Outfitters for the best vessel for your needs.

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