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Best Spots to Get Out on The Florida Water

Best Spots to Get Out on The Florida Water

If you've never been out on the Florida water, you really don't know what you're missing. There's just no place in the world like it for clear blue water and a wealth of fantastic marinas to sail out of.

Whether you're a fan of kayaks, powerboats, sailboats, paddleboards, surfboards, or even rowboats, you can't help but have an enjoyable day, weekend, (or perhaps even longer if you're lucky) on any one of them.

Beautiful Florida Waters

So, although all of the Florida water is beautiful, have you ever wondered Which particular Florida beaches offer the clearest of crystal clear turquoise blue water? Well, here's a list of them for helping you to plan your next Florida trip:

  • Anna Maria Island
  • Destin
  • Key West
  • Panama City Beach
  • Siesta Key
  • South Walton beaches

Florida Marinas & More

When thinking about spending some quality time on the water in Florida, fishing and water sports probably immediately come to mind. However, they really aren’t the only options.

From pedal boats to yacht tours and everything in-between, there are also some other outside-the-box ideas for relaxing, refreshing, and reconnecting with nature and your loved ones on the water in and around Florida and some don’t even involve getting wet. Sometimes just hanging out on a sailboat and drinking champagne in one of the numerous beautiful marinas in Florida could be just your cup of tea.

Ft. Lauderdale has some exceptionally picturesque marinas as do Palm Harbor, St. Augustine, St. Petersburg, and of course, Key West.

Kayaking in Florida

There aren’t many activities that offer a wide range of excellent experiences for outdoor enthusiasts like kayaking.

Whether you’re a kayak enthusiast because of the roller coaster exhilaration or for the incredible peace and serenity you get from being lost in the moment, the fact is that kayaking never lets you down.

Individuals from every walk of life are becoming truly fascinated about the ways that kayaking can be one of the most exhilarating experiences on earth and especially in Florida.

The people who think of themselves as kayakers can be just as varied and interesting as their kayaks and whatever waters they're paddling in. It's easy and enjoyable plus it's a great low-impact workout.

Kayaking History & Options

It really wasn’t very long ago that to power a kayak meant just one thing and that was paddling with a traditional paddle. However, those days are gone now that there truly are power kayaks available.

OK, double-sided handheld paddles are not really a thing of the past. The majority of kayakers are still zipping around inshore, close to the shore, or on offshore waterways using just a paddle.

These days, however, there are a number of other options for propelling a kayak and each of them could conceivably make kayaking easier for you.

Why Kayaking?

Here are a few more reasons for taking up kayaking for:

  • Being with friends
  • Getting close to nature
  • Adventure and relaxation
  • Relieving stress
  • Excellent aerobic exercise
  • Toning your stomach muscles
  • Adaptability and versatility

What About Power-Kayaking?

Although any of the above options can be truly amazing, the most fun you could ever have (with your clothes on) is power-kayaking out on the Florida water. What is power-kayaking anyway you might ask?

Well, you can find out all about it at BC PowerYaks, a local family-owned and family-operated Florida business located in Palm Harbor, Florida.

We offer everything from custom rigging and kayaks to electric trolling motors, fishing tackle, and a store for outfitting you and your family for all kinds of kayaking fun and enjoyment.

Kayaking Newbie or Seasoned Enthusiast?

If you happen to be a newbie to kayaking (or even if you're a seasoned kayak enthusiast), BC PowerYaks is the place for everything you need! They offer options from base model kayaks to exciting motorized kayaks.

Whether what you love is simply relaxing on the water, getting in some vigorous exercise, or just getting to move around the coastal saltwater mangroves looking for some new fishing holes, BC can customize a kayak for you and they carry a wide range of kayaks, accessories, and motors.

The Latest Craze

So, if you're heading to the Florida waters this summer, why not see it in style with a power-kayak for every member of the family from BC PowerYaks? You can enjoy not only fun in the sun but also the cool clear water and the latest craze in kayaking.

Contact us now and get out on the water!

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