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Must-Have Power Kayak Accessories

Must-Have Power Kayak Accessories

A lot of people do not think of kayaks as "power" vehicles. Most people picture a person sitting squat in the bottom of a kayak with their legs stretched out inside the kayak's prow and a double-ended paddle/oar being used to move the kayak through the water. However, there are definitely plenty of must-have power kayak accessories you need to check out and possibly purchase for your own kayaking adventures.

Outboard Engine for a Kayak

Yes, an engine for a kayak is akin to cheating, but sometimes your arms are just too tired to paddle anymore. These little trolling motors are not too heavy, and they are quite easy to steer. Attaching one to your kayak isn't difficult to do either, and if you don't want the motor on when you head into the water you can easily remove it. If you want, you can get a customized outboard engine for your kayak too. Just describe what you are looking for to a kayak parts and sales company that does this kind of thing to see what they can create for you.

Rinse Kits

Finally, no kayak is complete without a rinse kit. This is two gallons of pressurized water in a box with a spray wand for rinsing off you and/or the kayak. In an emergency when fresh water is an immediate and necessary need, the rinse kit may save your life by giving you a little refreshing and nourishing water. The button on the spray wand releases the pressurized water quickly and with moderate force, so be prepared for that if and when the time comes. One or two kits is sufficient in any kayak you own.

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