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What is a Power Kayak?

What is a Power Kayak?

Kayaks were first used by indigenous hunters from the subarctic regions of the world. It is believed that they have been around for 4000 years. Like most things that remain useful, they have evolved in many ways. What comes to mind when you think of a kayak can vary. Kayaks have been used out of necessity, for leisure, and recreation. These small and narrow water vessels are typically propelled by using a double-bladed paddle. Traditionally, they have covered decks and one or more cockpits per paddler. Modern versions vary a lot from the original design but until recently they were only propelled by rowing.

Let's go over some activities commonly associated with traditional kayaks and then how power kayaks are changing the game.

Whitewater Kayaking

Whitewater kayaks are for the intense sport of whitewater kayaking. The sport itself requires considerable concentration and skill. The features of the boat are designed to withstand the conditions of the rivers, creeks, and play holes they are used in.


Racing Kayaks are used for marathons and flatwater sprint racing.

Sea Touring

Sea kayaks were developed for paddling sport in open waters such as bays, lakes, and the ocean. They are less maneuverable than whitewater kayaks but have a higher cruising speed, cargo capacity, and comfort for long trips. They also offer greater ease with straight-line paddling.


The recreational kayak has a sit-in design with a larger opening than some others. They are shorter in length and no longer than 10 feet long.


A fishing kayak may be the ideal choice for avid fishermen. Traditionally, these kayaks were propelled by rowing. Today they offer more features such as extra cargo storage, rod holders, and pedal propulsion systems. Although most fishermen prefer the sit-on-top version, sit-ins are also available. A fishing kayak is designed to handle more weight than other recreational designs and can be outfitted with a motorized propulsion system.

What is a Power Kayak and Why is it Better?

Without a doubt, power kayaks are at the new frontier in terms of recreational watercraft. Since the fishing kayak first gained popularity, serious paddlers and anglers have continually devised ways to save energy, free up space, and get to the fishing hole as quickly as possible. The reason why the Power Kayak is so desirable is that it is less bulky than a fishing boat and offers greater maneuverability. It also offers more speed and efficiency. These features are unmatched by larger boats.

Motorizing a kayak with a trolling motor is easy once you know the type of water you’ll be fishing in. You will also need to know what size trolling motor is best. One that is too small will be ineffective. The pounds of thrust that are required to push a kayak is determined by the size of the kayak and water conditions. Additionally, the battery will play an essential role in powering a kayak. The bigger the battery is, the longer you will be able to troll. All of the guesswork can be taken out of choosing the right motor by purchasing a kayak that is already equipped with everything that you want, including the motor.

You can purchase a fully motorized kayak packed with features that are ideal for your needs. For many people, power kayaks offer the highest benefit. You get the flexibility and maneuverability of a traditional kayak with the ease of motorized cruising. Once you fire up the motor you can cruise effortlessly. This gives you increased range compared to paddling. The battery, motor, and throttle are lightweight. When shopping for a powered kayak, find out if it comes readily equipped with a motor or if one has to be purchased separately.

The latest motorized kayaks and kayak motors are available from top manufactures. You can find many styles and models. Each has unique designs and features. Choose from one or two-man vessels for double paddling. Some fishing kayaks have great storage for fishing equipment. Although most kayak motors don’t produce the raw power of a powerboat motor, they are more than capable of getting you and your equipment around the lake all day long.

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