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LAST CHANCE - Shop the liquidation sale

Fishing Gear for Inshore and Gulf of Mexico

Fishing Gear for Inshore and Gulf of Mexico


BC PowerYaks, a local family-owned and operated business located in Palm Harbor, Florida, is the place for the perfect gear to catch fish in Tampa Bay, inshore and on the Gulf of Mexico. We know the Tampa Bay waters and are fishing experts. Our reputation as the premier kayaks, electric trolling motors, custom rigging, fishing tackle, and outfitter store for inshore fishing and enjoyment is unmatched. Visit our showroom to benefit from our extensive fishing experience. 

Kayak fishing in Tampa Bay

Local Fishing Experts

Our owner and staff are remarkably knowledgeable about local fishing and kayak use. Chris Camp, our owner, was born and raised in this area and was a local fishing guide for ten years. If you are unsure of how to get your kayak prepared for an eventful day of fishing, or need help choosing the correct fishing gear for your specific needs, we are ready to help you with our expert advice. We have your kayak fishing answers.



Fishing Gear in Stock

Fishing polls

BC PowerYaks has a large supply of inshore saltwater fishing gear for all your Florida fishing needs. Whether you’re looking for fishing tackle, hooks, soft plastic baits, hard baits, lures, lines, bobbers, a fishing rod, rod holders, or other fishing gear, we have it stocked in our Palm Harbor store.

Engel Live Bait cooler

When you use live bait, you will want to use an Engel Live Bait cooler, ideal for minnows, shrimp, and other live bait.

Explore our showroom to view our inventory of MirrOlure® lures that set records in the fishing world. We have a large variety of bait including Sinking Twitchbait, Floating Twitchbait, MirrOmullet® Surface Walker, Lil John XL scented for trout, redfish, snook, and flounder.

Fishing tackle

We also carry the Heddon, which include topwater, one knocker spook, chug’n spook jr., superspook jr. and more. Check out Paul Brown’s Original Series Soft-Dine XL. You’ll love the Slayer Sinister Series of scented baits such as swim tail, slick bait, and twitch bait.

You will also need accessories for your days out fishing on the Tampa Bay waters. We have power poles, gloves, dry tubes, floating phone cases, nets, knives, dry bags or boxes, water bottles, hats, shirts, bandanas, sunscreen, and much more. Stop by our store to see it yourself!

Florida inshore &
backwater kayak fishing

In Florida, most of the inshore and backwater kayak fishing is done with fly rods or light tackle using sight fishing techniques. Kayak fishing is addictive, extremely fun, and can be quite a challenge depending on the type of fish you catch. Sometimes the fish can be as large as your kayak. 

Fishing accessories and gear

Waterways in Tampa Bay

If you are a fisherman or just a lover of water, you are in luck! We have inshore fishing, lake fishing, river fishing, and offshore fishing. BC PowerYaks provides customized fishing kayaks to explore the local waterways. Honeymoon Island, Caladesi Island, Anclote River, and the Gulf Coast of Mexico are just a few of the inshore waterways of Tampa Bay. There is no shortage of beautiful Florida waterways to enjoy.

Fish close up

Type of Fish in Tampa Bay

We have a wild variety of local fish species that can be caught in the Tampa Bay waters. These include Bonefish, Cobia, Flounder, Grouper, Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish, Mackerel, Reds, Snapper, Snook, Tarpon, Trout, and a variety of Sharks.