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LAST CHANCE - Shop the liquidation sale

Kayak Accessories

We Have ALL of Your
Kayak Accessories Here!

Are you ready to go out in your kayak to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico saltwater? If you’re not sure what accessories you need to bring or you’re new to kayaking and overwhelmed with the amount of choices, our expert advice is here for you.

Risekit display

Your kayak accessories will depend on the type of activities that you want to experience on the water. Here are some questions we’ll ask: Do you want to troll close to shore and catch fish in the mangroves? Do you need a cooler for cold drinks? Do you need a lot of storage onboard for all of your carry-ons? Are you using a solo or tandem kayak? The space available in your kayak will help to determine what items can fit. 

Kayak accessories are the perfect way to personalize your kayak to give it the extra features you have always wanted while you’re out fishing or relaxing on the water.


YakAttack Authorized Master Dealer

YakAttack kayak accessories

As soon as you walk into our store, you will see that we are an Authorized Master Dealer for YakAttack. We offer our kayak fishing enthusiasts everything they need for a thrilling day of fishing on inshore waters. With these kayak fishing gear and rigging products made in the USA, you will reel in a wide variety of fish until your arm gives out.

Kayak accessories

YakAttack has a lifetime warranty on their highly rated products. Visit our store in Palm Harbor, Florida to view our stock of LockNLoad™ mounting systems, TurnKey™ Track Adapters, extension arms, gear security and tie-downs, gear storage and organization, GearTrac™, leverage landing net, ParkNPole™ stakeout poles, rod holders, visibility kits, lighting, safety gear, and much more.


Personalize your kayaking experience

In our BC PowerYaks store and warehouse, conveniently located in Palm Harbor, we have the following kayak accessories and more in stock to personalize your kayaking experience.

  • YakAttack product line
  • RAILBLAZA product line 
  • Bending Branches paddle
  • Aqua bound paddle 
  • Engel coolers
  • Power poles
  • Life preservers
  • PFDs
  • Best Inshore Tackle Section

Extensive knowledge of local
inshore kayaking & fishing

Our extensive knowledge of local inshore kayaking and fishing is just a phone call If you have any questions or need information regarding our kayak products and services, visit our showroom or call BC PowerYaks at 727-772-7663, stop by our store, or contact-us-online.


Kayaks on trailers

More Kayak Products & Services

BC PowerYaks not only sells top kayak name brands, we also offer fishing gear, custom rigging, and electric trolling motors for inshore fishing and enjoyment. Will you need a trailer to pull your kayak to different locations around Florida? We are an Authorized Dealer for Continental Trailers.


Tips for Kayak Fun and Safety

Here are some kayaking tips for fun and safety.

Chinook life preserver

Wear a life vest while kayaking

Wearing a life vest can save your life and prevent an accident. Our life vests are made specifically for kayaking, which allows for more movement while in the vessel.

Alcohol and kayaking don’t mix

Many of these accidents you hear about on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida include serious medical emergencies that are a result of a boater drinking alcohol before and/or during a day of boating. It is just like driving a car on an interstate: don’t take the risk.

Two people kayak fishing in Tampa Bay

Kayak within your abilities

As you start learning the sport of kayaking, stay close to home near the shore and away from busy boating areas. Stay in waters that you are fully capable of operating safely on.

Plan your adventure

Do a little research and planning while preparing your kayaking adventure. Familiarize yourself with the path you are taking and the water you will paddle on. Check the weather before you depart with the many weather radar apps now on your phone. Share your adventure plans with your family and/or friends. Make sure you have an emergency procedure plan in place and know how to contact emergency service.

water proof bag

Necessary items

Remember to bring the necessary items such as plenty of fluids and snacks, hat, sunscreen, bug spray, first aid kit, whistle, dry clothing, and a repair kit.

Stay clear of obstructions

Fallen trees are extremely dangerous and can have an undertow. Low bridges and falling waters are best to get out and travel around.