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LAST CHANCE - Shop the liquidation sale

Kayak Rentals

Kayak Rentals serving Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs

If you're looking to get out on the water on a kayak, you've come to the right place. Bay City Outfitters rents only high-quality kayaks from Feelfree, which are easy to use, comfortable, stable and nimble and feature the patented "wheel in the keel" for easy transport on land.

There is so much to explore in the waterways right in our backyard. Paddle with dolphins on your way to Honeymoon Island, or explore the kayaking trails at Caladesi Island.

Want to catch some fish from your kayak? We'll give you some insider information on where to scout some big Redfish and Snook.

We are looking forward to helping you explore the area. You'll find plenty of information on this page with more specifics on the kayaks for rent here at BCO, where we launch from, and more. Just scroll down or use the helpful links below.

Single Kayak Rentals

When you rent a kayak for one person, you'll get a Feelfree Nomad, a really fun little boat. It's comfortable, easy to paddle, and even easier to move around on land. You'll find its "wheel in the keel", which is an integrated wheel in the back so one person can easily grab the front handle and move the kayak around.

These kayaks also feature a spacious rear cargo area, small rubber hatch to keep your gear dry and a bungee water bottle holder.

Here are some other key specs you might want to know:

  • Kayak weight: 45 lbs
  • Total capacity: 330 lbs
  • Length: 9' 6"

Rental Rates

1/2 Day (4 hours)


Full Day (8 hours)


3 Day Rental


1 Week Rental


Tandem Kayak Rentals

Taking to the water with a friend? A tandem kayak is your getaway vehicle. Tandem kayaks have plenty of room for two paddlers, your gear, and even a small child or pet.

When you rent a two person kayak from BCO, we'll load you up with a Feelfree Gemini. Like the Nomad, it has a wheel in the keel for easy transport, two paddle holders, water bottle storage, and plenty of weight capacity.

Here are some helpful specs about our tandem kayaks:

  • Kayak weight: 70 lbs
  • Total capacity: 550 lbs
  • Length: 12' 6"

Rental Rates

1/2 Day (4 hours)


Full Day (8 hours)


3 Day Rental


1 Week Rental


Fishing Kayak Rentals

If you've never been kayak fishing before, you have to try it. Landing a 30" fish using light tackle near water level in a kayak is an absolute thrill.

When you rent a fishing kayak from BCO, we set you up with one of our best-selling fishing kayaks, the Feelfree Moken 10. This 10' kayak features a stable platform that you can stand up and sight fish from, or relax in the "EZ Rider" seat.

Here are some helpful specs about our tandem kayaks:

  • Kayak weight: 65 lbs
  • Total capacity: 440 lbs
  • Length: 10'

Rental Rates

1/2 Day (4 hours)


Full Day (8 hours)


3 Day Rental


1 Week Rental


Where We Launch From

When you rent kayaks from Bay City Outfitters, our goal is to make it as easy and fun for you as possible. That's why we give you plenty of options.

Pick Up at Bay City Outfitters

You can pick up your kayak rentals at our retail store in downtown Palm Harbor. We will set you up with straps and roof pads if you need them.

This is the best option for longer term rentals and if you wish to take your kayaks to explore some of Florida's natural springs and various kayaking spots along the coast.


651 ALT 19
Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Pop Stansell Park

This park is a great launch point for a half or full day of paddling and exploring. You can cruise around within Sutherland Bayou among the mangroves to watch jumping Mullet and tailing Redfish, or along the shores to take in the large, beautiful homes.

Pop Stansell offers direct access to the Intercoastal Waterway with an unmarked kayaking trail where you can observe wildlife and a number of spoil islands.

Or, you can paddle out to Honeymoon Island, which offers incredible scenery and wildlife, including sea turtles and dolphins.

Map courtesy of Pinellas County. For more information visit:

If you're renting a seaside bungalow and need some kayaks for the week, we can deliver them to you.

Please contact us for more information.


What is included in my kayak rental?

Paddles and PFDs (life jackets) are included with every kayak rental.

You can add additional items to your rental at booking, such as dry bags, coolers, fishing poles, phone dry cases and more.

Children - we do not rent child PFDs. If you are taking a child along, you will need to supply a life jacket for them as required by law.

What is the weight limit of your kayaks?

Our single kayaks have a weight limit of 330 lbs. Tandem kayaks have a weight limit of 550. Fishing kayaks have a weight limit of 440 lbs.

If you are a single paddler and expect that you + gear will exceed 330 lbs, you can rent a tandem kayak and we can set it up as a single.

What type of kayaks can I rent?

We rent exclusively "sit on top" style kayaks. A sit on top is easier to use and safer for novice paddlers than a sit inside style, which means the paddler is enclosed within the kayak.

You can rent recreational kayaks meant for one person (single) or two people (tandem). We even rent fishing kayaks!

What happens if my kayak flips?

We rent exclusively sit on top kayaks which are very stable and are difficult to flip. In fact, sit on top kayaks are a lot safer than sit inside kayaks, because if you do manage to flip them, you will fall out instead of being stuck inside.

However, if you do manage to flip your kayak, don't worry! Here are a few steps you can take to get yourself paddling again:

  1. Don't panic. Collect anything that may have fallen out of your kayak, especially your paddle.
  2. Flip the kayak back over to the correct side. To do this, position yourself in the middle of the kayak and reach over to the opposite side, pulling the kayak over. This will flip it back.
  3. Put your belongings back into the kayak.
  4. Reach again over the middle of the kayak with one arm. With the other arm, grab the near side of the kayak and slowly pull yourself up over, staying low.
  5. Slowly get back into your seat, and paddle away!

What is your cancelation policy?

If you need to cancel your reservation, you can do so at any time outside of 24 hours before your scheduled delivery/pickup time. Reservations canceled before this will receive a full refund, or a credit toward a future rental.

Unfortunately we cannot issue a refund on reservations canceled within 24 hours of your scheduled start time.

Inclement Weather

Especially during the summer months, it is very common that we in Florida will experience passing showers. These showers generally do not last long, and can actually be quite refreshing. That said, we do not cancel reservations for regular showers.

However, if there are thunderstorms in the forecast, we will cancel your reservation and issue a full refund.

If you are already out on the water and a storm rolls in, get to shore as quickly as possible and get low. Stay away from others and wait for the storm to pass. If you need help, call us at 727-772-7663

What do I need to bring/wear?


Renters should expect that they will get wet at least up to the knees when getting in and out of kayaks. We recommend wearing swim trunks, shorts or other loose pants that can be pulled up if needed. Check the weather. It can be windy and you may want to bring a long sleeve shirt or jacket depending on weather. Always assume that you'll get wet while kayaking, so quick-drying clothing is always recommended.

You'll also want to make sure you are protected from the sun, so a hat with a wide brim is recommended, as are long sleeve UPF 30-50 sun shirts. Make sure you bring sunscreen! Of course, if you forget any of these things, you can shop at our retail store for hats, sun shirts and more.


If you intend to paddle for a while, you're going to get hungry. Protein bars or some kind of nutrition bars are a great, compact choice. There is plenty of space on our kayaks though, so if you want to pack a nice lunch, feel free. You can always rent dry bags and coolers along with your kayak rental. Make sure you have plenty to drink as well!

Do you offer guided tours?

At this time, we do not offer guided tours. Check back in the future though!

Do you rent fishing rods?

Want to drop a line in the water while you're out fishing? We can hook you up. (Yep, very punny).

We rent fishing rod and reel combos ready to go. You can buy lures at our retail shop or visit a local live bait store for shrimp or pinfish.

What if I want to buy a kayak?

Love the kayak you rented so much that you want to buy your very own? We won't be mad at you for that!

In fact, we will credit the cost of a 1/2 day rental (up to $50) back toward your purchase of any kayak at our store.

Get a head start on picking out your new kayak here

Where are you located?

Our retail store and rental pickup location is conveniently located in downtown Palm Harbor, right on the Pinellas Trail and just a few blocks from the water.


651 ALT 19
Palm Harbor, FL 34683

How do I make a reservation?

It's super easy to make a reservation online. Just click the button below and check out our rentals with available dates and prices. Book your reservation online and you are good to go.

If you have difficulty online or just want to do it the old fashioned way, we are more than happy to help over the phone (727-772-7663) or in person. Just pay us a visit.

Cash is accepted for same-day rental reservations.

Do I need a reservation or can I just show up?

Honestly, that's up to you. We cannot always do deliveries to the launch points on reservations booked the same day. But if you have the means to transport your kayak(s), then we are happy to accommodate last minute bookings.

To guarantee that we can delivery to a launch point, advance bookings are strongly recommended.

Do I need to be an experienced paddler?

Not at all! Sit on top kayaks are super easy to paddle and get around. There is about a 30 second learning curve.

Tandem Kayak Pro Tip: put the more powerful paddler in the back, and try to paddle in sync with your partner. You'll track better and have more fun. (Or, whoever sits in the back can take the day off from paddling - the person in the front will never know!)

What if it rains/storms?

During the warmer summer months, we frequently get afternoon showers. Usually it's one or two of them a day, and they only last a few minutes. So they are certainly nothing to worry about.

If we have thunder and lightning storms on the forecast for the day of your rental, we will issue you a refund or move your rental reservation to another day of your choice.

If you are out paddling and need assistance, give us a call at 727-772-7663

Can I bring a pet?

Sure! Dogs love kayaks. We've never seen a cat on one, but have at it. In California there was a guy who paddle boarded with his goat.

Anyway, you are welcome to bring a pet with you on your kayak. However, know that Bay City Outfitters takes no responsibility for the pet, and we do not offer pet PFDs (life jackets).