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LAST CHANCE - Shop the liquidation sale
LAST CHANCE - Shop the liquidation sale

Kayak Sales

BC PowerYaks – Your #1 Source for Kayaks!

In our Palm Harbor showroom you’ll find the top name brands in kayaks, electric trolling motors, fishing tackle, and kayak accessories for inshore fishing and enjoyment. BC PowerYaks is your #1 source for kayaks and customized electric kayak trolling motors in Tampa Bay.

We are experts in quality kayaks, accessories, fishing, and customized electric motorized kayak services. BC PowerYaks is a fully licensed and insured local family-owned and operated business in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Kayak Sales –
What Do We Offer?

We specialize in inshore kayaks and offer a large variety of products and top brands of kayaks and accessories. BC PowerYaks is the leader of custom motorized kayaks in Florida!

Products & Product Lines

Visit our conveniently located store in Palm Harbor to find exactly what you are looking for your exciting day fishing or just relaxing on the water. Here are a few products that we offer.

Two kayaks on display
  • Fishing Kayaks
  • Recreational Kayaks
  • Solo or Tandem Kayaks
  • Pedal-Powered Kayaks
  • Kayak Electric Trolling Motors
  • Custom Rigging
  • Outboard Motors
  • Kayak Trailers
  • Best inshore fishing tackle selection
  • Huge variety of kayak accessories


Here are just a few of the kayak brands we have in stock in our Palm Harbor store and warehouse.


If you have ever been in a feelfree kayak, you know this brand is an excellent performing kayak whether you are out for a day exploring, snorkeling, fishing, or just having fun with the family. BC PowerYaks is a proud local dealer of the feelfree product line. Any feelfree product is an excellent investment towards fun in our Tampa Bay waters for the entire family!

Diablo Paddlesports

Diablo Paddlesports is known for their unique hybrid watercraft inspired by the stability of stand-up paddleboards and the nimble maneuvering of kayaks. These kayaks maneuver in the shallowest of water, allowing you to stand up while paddling or fishing. As a local dealer, we carry Diablo Paddlesports kayak and accessories in our Palm Harbor store.

3 Waters Kayaks / Big Fish

Walking throughout our store you will see a lot of really cool 3 Waters / Big Fish Kayaks and accessories for sale. As local dealers for this brand, we know they represent quality fishing kayaks.

Continental Trailers

When you purchase a kayak, you’ll want to trailer it to your destination or body of water. BC PowerYaks is a local dealer for these quality and dependable trailers that have a model to fit your needs.

    Kayak Types

    BC PowerYaks is your source for kayaks of all shapes and sizes. Please browse our helpful guidelines to learn more about the variety of kayaks we offer.

    Recreational Kayaks

    These kayaks are affordable, stable, tons of storage, and simple to use. They are specifically designed for those fun days out with friends and family. Taking these kayaks through the fresh water springs or adventuring our into the Gulf of Mexico.

    Solo or Tandem Kayaks

    Will you be going by yourself or with a partner? Tandem kayaks are typically more stable than solo kayaks and are also a great choice if you’re taking children along.

    Pedal-Powered Kayaks

    These kayaks are great to free your hands from pedaling for fishing, photography, watching wildlife with binoculars, or just taking in the sights. Look at the kayaks with sophisticated pedal propulsion systems that use bike-like pedals that turn a prop or push-pedals that power a pair of fins. Steering is done via a rudder that’s operated by a hand control. Your seat is higher to allow room for the pedaling motion. In calm conditions on the water, pedal kayaks tend to be wider, providing a stable platform.


    Kayaks designed for fishing

    Fishing kayaks are typically larger and more stable than other kayaks. They allow you to stand up to cast and have room for tackle boxes and rod holders. We can custom rig your kayak to have built-in places for fish and depth finders. Look for pedal power to allow you to keep both hands free. Kayaks made for inshore fishing are typically a sit-on-top style to allow easy access to gear.

    What type of fishing do you enjoy — lake fishing, river fishing, inshore, or offshore fishing? BC PowerYaks has incredible customized fishing kayaks ready to explore the inshore waterways of Tampa Bay, Honeymoon Island, Caladesi Island, Anclote River, and the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Kayak fishing allows you to get up close and personal to experience the beauty of Florida’s waterways.