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LAST CHANCE - Shop the liquidation sale

Motiv Electric Bikes

Tampa’s #1 Motiv Electric Bikes Dealer! 

Motiv E-bikes, or electric bikes, are all the rage right now. Great for cruising the beaches or down the Pinellas trail from Tarpon to St Petersburg, Florida! You can either enjoy an electric ride or pedal the bike or maybe you’d enjoy a little of each. Cruise on down to BC Bay City Kayaks & E-Bikes store in Palm Habor, FL to check out all the latest styles any rides. 

Motiv E-Bikes

Visit our Palm Harbor Showroom and see the latest models including:

  • The “Werks”
  • The “Spark”
  • The “Sleek”
  • The “Stout”
  • The “Sherpa”
  • The “Stash”

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.

— John F. Kennedy

Where The Electricity Comes From

An electrical bike looks just like any other bike, except for one small provision. There is an electrical battery pack attached to the frame and connected to the chain. A switch is flipped to have the bike propel itself forward instead of you pedaling the bike. The battery pack is, in most cases, rechargeable so that you only have to plug the bike into an outlet to recharge it. Some of the best electrical bikes can go up to a hundred miles on a single charge, which is why they are so popular with tourists and delivery people.

Recently, electrical bikes have received different upgrades. These upgrades place the motor on the front tire, the back tire, or the mid-hub pedal section of the bike. The position of the motor has varying benefits based on its location.


Ready for a test drive?

Our Palm Harbor showroom is directly on the Pinellas Trail! Come stop and test out the bike before you buy it. We’re right next to Stilthouse Brewery on Alt 19 in Palm Harbor. 

Different Types of Electric Bikes

Originally, electrical bikes looked a bit futuristic. Then they looked like any old three-speed or a ten-speed touring bike. Now you can get those models plus a mountain bike style with really fat tires. Depending on the type of bike you want to ride, you can get an electrical bike in whatever style fits you and/or suits your needs.

You Can Still Pedal, If You Like

The most basic electrical bike is a bike in name only. You can’t really pedal it and not have the electric motor on. Other electric bikes have switches on the handlebars that will allow you to switch off the engine, coast for a bit, and then let you pick up on the pedaling for as long as you want to go. A lot of e-bike owners find that they like to switch to motor power when they have become too tired to pedal any further and/or they have a long way to go before they arrive at their destination.

E-Bikes Are NOT Scooters

Some people tend to call e-bikes “scooters.” This is incorrect, as most electric scooters do not look like bikes at all, nor do they have the option of pedaling. The scooters are heavier and require a key to turn the power on and off. Scooters also have additional accessories that make them easier to drive around town and see around you. E-bikes are bikes with a little something extra that gives you the option to coast instead of pedal.

E-Bikes Are an Excellent Alternative to Cars

An electric car is extremely expensive. Most people could never afford an electric car, much less the necessary charging station for that car. With electric bikes, the cost is a more affordable option.

Additionally, e-bikes are an excellent alternative to cars overall because they offer the most ecologically friendly mode of transportation you can get in a city. They don’t pollute the air, don’t create noise pollution, and most of the bike is completely recyclable in the event that you want to give it up and trade it in for a newer model. They also offer exercise for your commute, if you would rather get fit then coast on electricity.

Let BC Power Yaks Get You In The Motiv E-BikesE-Bike Seat You’re Dreaming Of

Ready to get on your very own e-bike? BC Power Yaks has you covered.

Visit our Palm Harbor store to see what we have waiting for you!