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LAST CHANCE - Shop the liquidation sale
LAST CHANCE - Shop the liquidation sale

Free Delivery on all Yuba Bikes within 30 miles of Palm Harbor, FL

Yuba Cargo Bikes

Leave the car keys at home! Yuba electric cargo bikes are the ultimate family getaway vehicle. Featuring comfortable geometry for the rider, and plenty of room for kids, pets or gear, you might just say goodbye to the minivan and hello to a more eco-friendly method of transportation.

Each Yuba cargo bikes features dependable platforms outfitted with Bosch and Shimano electric motors, along with high quality components. Seriously, these bikes are as easy to ride without the motor as they are with one.  

Yuba also offers an extensive lineup of accessories and components to make your kid or cargo carrying even more enjoyable, from baskets to monkey bars and hands to cargo bags, locks and much more. If you want to take it with you, you can find a way with a Yuba electric cargo bike.

Electric Mundo

They call it the minivan of bicycles for a reason. With enough room for up to three kids, you can haul the whole squad to the beach or to school. Tuck backbacks into a Go-Getter bag, or just in your sister's lap.

Outfitted with a Shimano Steps 8000 motor, this bike will allow you to go the distance with less sweat, and a whole lot more fun.

It's the bike we chose to be our flagship shop bike, and we couldn't be happier with it.

Kombi E5

A more compact frame than the Mundo, but still as capable of carrying your gear, or two of your kids. Powered by a Shimano Steps E5000 mid-drive motor, the Kombi will have you thinking all that spinach is going straight to your legs.

Spicy Curry

With a lower center of gravity for big loads or extra wiggly kids, the Spicy Curry is perfect for riders under 6'.

Powered by the Bosch Cargo Line mid-drive motor with a battery that will get you up to 60 miles on a single charge.

Come see for yourself

We encourage you to stop by our showroom in downtown Palm Harbor to take a Yuba for a test ride right on the Pinellas Trail.

If you decide to make a Yuba your own, we will deliver it within 30 miles of the shop for free!



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