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LAST CHANCE - Shop the liquidation sale

Bike Rack RR MBB Surfboard Long

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This side-mounted surfboard carrier is made of aircraft-quality aluminum and was engineered to be as lightweight and durable as possible.  It is designed to accommodate a variety of needs, whether you have a shortboard, longboard, beach cruiser or BMX bike.  Take along any board up to about 10' long and 25lbs.  This carrier will work for bikes that have a separate, circular headtube, such as beach cruisers.  It does not work on bikes that have front tubes that are not circular and that are welded to the bike's body, as there is nowhere to attach the hardware.  It is not recommended for e-bikes.  The tubes come pre-bent to hold boards up to 3.5" thick.  If your board is a little thicker than that, the bars can be bent open to make more room.  Discover a stable way to get your bike to the beach or your favorite spring.  

How does it attach to my bike? The initial install of this rack is super easy! The rack itself is a set of 2 independent rack arms, 1 mounted at the front of your bike, and 1 mounted at the rear of your bike. (Keep in mind you won't be able to mount this on a bike with a front basket as it attaches where the basket is!) To begin, you simply secure the rack’s front U-clamp to your bike’s headstock (one of the strongest places on every bike). The clamp comes with padded rubber to protect your bike’s paint, and will fit a wide variety of head stock diameters. With the back clamp you have two options on where to mount it: the rear seat post or onto your bike’s preexisting rear basket (or metal splash guard). The rear rack mounting option allows this rack to accommodate a wider range of bikes and longer surfboard sizes. Have a shortboard? Check out the shortboard version of this rack: Shortboard Bike Rack.

The only board carrier on the market with a "Quick Release."  Take the worry out of removing your rack, by literally pushing two buttons.  A push button at each rack arm removes the arms easily from your bike, reinsert the arms whenever you're ready to load your board and hit the surf again.