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Kayak Cart - Foldable Dolly Vanhunks

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If transporting your kayak is a hassle, then the Vanhunks' Foldable Kayak Dolly Cart with inflatable wheels is just what you need.  This lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to carry cart, was constructed with a strong 22x2mm aluminum frame, providing a durable and well-balanced base for just about any kayak or canoe.   The frame is kept in shape with a nylon strap to ensure that it doesn't open too wide.  Just pump up the wheels, attach them at the latch rings with a lynchpin, secure vessel with Vanhunks heavy-duty tie-down straps (not included), and you're ready for smooth travel over hard or soft sand.  The Vanhunks Foldable Kayak Dolly Cart has a maximum weight capacity of 121 lbs. When you are finished your adventure on the water, it disassembles for easy, convenient storage.

2x 12” PU Pneumatic inflatable balloon type wheels
1x Kayak Dolly