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Free U.S. Ship $49 | Kayaks Ship $249
Free U.S. Ship $49 | Kayaks Ship $249
from Torqeedo

Torqeedo Ultralight 403 AC

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The Ultralight 403 AC is Torqeedo's lightest outboard motor and has an Integrated Battery (915 WH / 29.6  V / 31 AH) It gets you to more places and lets you stay there even longer.  It fits on all popular types of kayaks and canoes and will make your life much more enjoyable.  You may never paddle again.  The 403 AC has a GPS built-in, real-time range and runtime display, solar charging and the latest lithium battery technology.  You will thoroughly enjoy the innovative new angler mount and it's reliable performance.  

Speed in km/h* Range in km* Running time in hours:
Slow 4.2 101.0 24:00
Half throttle 6.0 71.0 11:50
Full throttle 9.3 21.7 02:20

* Dependent on factors such as type of boat, load, propeller and ambient conditions. Figures for speed and range are indicative only and are not a guarantee of performance.
Example: Fishing kayak Hobie Mirage Revolution (4.1 m / 26.3 kg)

Information on range and speed:
For a displacement boat making way through the water, the required propulsive power increases in proportion to the cube of the speed. This means that if you want to double your speed, you need eight times as much power.

And vice-versa, a small reduction in speed is enough to increase the achievable range substantially.

The Torqeedo Ultralight's on-board computer calculates the remaining range constantly, by linking the motor's consumption data with the charging level of the batteries, and the speed over the ground from the GPS. This allows you to read the remaining range in real time from the motor display or the smartphone app TorqTrac.

Ultralight 403 AC – Benefits:
Weight including battery: 11.0 kg
Range of up to 100 km
Easy to mount on fishing kayaks
Completely waterproof (IP67)
Superb usability with a wealth of smart features
Torqeedo Ultralight 403

Steering / tilting / auto-kickup