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Free U.S. Ship $99 | Kayaks Ship $250
Free U.S. Ship $99 | Kayaks Ship $250
from Yuba Bikes

Towing Tray Combo

Original price $68.99 - Original price $68.99
Original price
$68.99 - $68.99
Current price $68.99

Adult or kiddos bikes, the towing tray can take it all !

Bring along any bikes from a 12″ to a 29″ with a tire width of up to 2.25″. Made of recycle milk jugs (HDPE plastic), the towing tray is durable and tough. Comes with a side bumper to keep the towed bike from scratching your Mundo. Towing tray kit includes running board with a slot for front tire, adjuster for 20″ 16″ or 12″ tires, and bumper. After installation, to use the towing tray, adjust the support for the size of bike with a screwdriver. Then, use a cargo strap to attach the towed bike to the Mundo frame, locking the front tire of the towed bike down to the frame of the Mundo.

Includes a Tow Tray + Running Board