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Free U.S. Ship $49 | Kayaks Ship $249
Free U.S. Ship $49 | Kayaks Ship $249
from Vanhunks

Vanhunks Aluminum Seat

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The Vanhunks' Deluxe Aluminum Kayak Seat fits in the following kayaks:  Voyager, Orca, Manatee, Mahi Mahi, Black Bass and Tarpon Deluxe.  

You will love the ease, comfort and versatility of this deluxe seat.  It is easily removeable and can be used as a picnic, camp or beach chair, when you get to your favorite destination.  Chill in the reclined position, as you cast your line, or sit in an upright position, for full control as you paddle through the open water or across any river or stream.  Stay dry and cool all day long, because the Vanhunks' Deluxe Aluminum Kayak Seat was designed with breathable mesh.  There is no worry of sitting in a pool of water, the seat's raised design ensures you're free of spray water collecting in the kayak.  

*Please note these seats do not float. To secure the seat to your Vanhunks Kayak, used the Bungy cord supplied.